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Bilal Hijama Clinic was established by Dr. Muhammad Bilal, who is the first PhD in the world on Hijama. At Bilal Hijama Clinic the mode of treatment is wet cupping therapy or Hijama which is a sunnah way of treatment.

In this treatment toxins containing blood is removed from the body through slightly cutting the skin and applying sucktion through vacuum cups from specific points on the body. This mode of treatment is side effect free as no drug is administered to the patients and the treatment solely relies on the removal of bad blood. Hijama has been practiced for thousands of years in various countries including China, Saudi Arab, Iran etc.

At Bilal Hijama Clinic treatment is provided for all of the diseases. Lady therapist is available for ladies in separate room under the supervision of a lady doctor.

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An introduction to Hijama and Bilal Hijama Clinic by Dr. Muhammad Bilal