Blogs by Dr Muhammad Bilal

What is Sciatica?
Sciatica is a common problem now a days. Many patients including both genders and all ages visit our clinic for the treatment of Sciatica, which is a shooting pain in either one leg or both, starting from lower back or hip joint and radiates till toe. Let’s understand why sciatica develops and how can we prevent it.
What causes Sciatica ?
The cause behind the pain is the pinching of the sciatic nerve root passing besides the L4/L5 vertebra. The disc which is present between L4 and L5 vertebra sometimes get bulged, or it collapses and herniates (spread) both ways or to one side, and this outbound disk compresses the nerve root passing along it. Which in turn causes pain in either one leg or both. This pain radiates from hip joint through whole leg and ends at the toe usually. But sometime it remains limited to some part of the leg.
How can we prevent from Sciatica?
1. Avoid lifting heavy weights from the ground while bending, instead , sit and lift upright position slowly.
2. Avoid putting your wallet in your hip pocket.
3. Check your vitamin D3 level and calcium level. If inappropriate then consult a doctor for supplement and walk right after dawn, in the early morning sunlight.
4. Exercise regularly
5. Drink 15-20 glasses of water daily fruits , vegetables, dairy products in a balanced way
7. Keep your posture upright all the time.

How Hijama Helps ?

Hijama should be the first choice when you go for treatment of Sciatica if the symptoms appear. Since in allopathic system, the only possible treatment is through surgery which is not risk free in this sensitive area and the failure rate is high due to many restrictions after surgery which are almost impossible to follow for a long period of time. Alhamdulillah hijama has a tremendous success rate for the treatment of Sciatica as high as 80% in as little as 3 sessions average without any side effect.