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Therapists at Al-Hijama

Dr. Muhammad Bilal

Dr. Muhammad Bilal is the chief cupping therapist and consultant at Bilal Hijama Clinic. He is the first person in the world who has done PhD in Hijama. He has been awarded the degree of PhD in september 2016 by University of Karachi. His main subject is pharmacology and he has conducted the research on the topic of ” Evaluation of therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of various disorders” in PhD. His research work has been published in prestigious journals which can be accessed through pubmed. He has 3 publications in international journals regarding hijama. He conducted the first research on Hijama in Pakistan during his M.Pharm (equal to M.Phil).

Muhammad Bilal got the degree of B.Pharm from Karachi University in 2004. Then he completed his Masters in Pharmacology in 2009. During  M.Pharm, his research topic was the partial evalualtion of Hijama. After completing the M.Pharm, he was enrolled in PhD program in University of Karachi in 2010 and the research topic was the evaluation of therapeutic efficacy of Hijama in various disorders. he has taught Pharmacology to the students of PharmD in University of Karachi and Jinnah medical and Dental College and he has been practicing Hijama side by side since 2008 to 2011 . In 2013 he left teaching and started his own Hijama Clinic in Gulshan-e-Iqbal , Karachi. Till now he has treated thousands of patients of various disorders successfully. He himself provides the therapy to  the male patients only. Although consultation is provided to both genders.