Why Us?

At Al-Hijama

  • Hijama (cupping therapy) is provided in a safe,clean and  hygienic environment by qualified Hijama therapists.
  • New Sterilized surgical blades of high grade are used for cuts on each patient which are immediately discarded after use.
  • Sterilized bandage is applied after the therapy. So you need not worry about your clothes being dirty after hijama.
  • Imported disposable cups are used only once on each patient and immediately destroyed after use.
  • Separate rooms for ladies, where lady therapist provides their services.
  • Patient Privacy is highly maintained for both for male and female patients.
  • Complete patient record is maintained from the start of the therapy.
  • Consultation charges are charged once on the first visit only.
  • Most Affordable service charges for all.
  • 7 Males and 6 Females can receive therapy at the same time.
  • Large waiting area for both Male and Females.